Not In Love With Your Engagement Ring? Don’t Panic

The day that you agreed to marry your partner was undoubtedly one of the most memorable and special days of your whole life. But for some brides or grooms, that big day may include an unfortunate discovery — that they're not in love with the engagement ring. And that leads to the dilemma about whether to confront or hide this truth. 

What can you do to ensure your lifetime happiness with this important symbol if it's not to your liking? Rather than hide this fact, here are four steps to take in order to rectify the situation positively for all.

1. Talk to Your Fiance. Getting your feelings out in the open is the hardest part of engagement ring adjustments. If you feel this strongly about the ring, you must find the right time and place to discuss it honestly with your partner. Don't do this in a hurry or in an emotional state. Let them know that you love them and that they make you the happiest you've ever been. The ring is just a material symbol, and your feelings for jewelry are not a reflection of your feelings toward them. 

2. Look for Specific Changes. Once you do decide to alter the engagement ring, you have many choices ranging from small to large changes. The best way to show your partner that you value their ring while still coming up with your own angle is to make minimal, specific changes. Such changes could include using a different metal color, resetting the main stone, opting for a different gem color, or adding (or removing) diamonds. 

3. Shop Together. Picking out an engagement ring is often done as a surprise to the receiving party, but making alterations shouldn't be a surprise. If you want to make any changes, go to the jeweler together and decide on the right new styles. If the ring is wholly unsuitable, shop together for a replacement version. Your "take two" ring will become a new memory that you can cherish as a couple.

4. Repurpose the Old Ring. If you made major alterations or replaced the original engagement ring, don't sell or discard the old versions. Instead, make them into new jewelry. Use the old band as the base for a pinky ring or a "push present." Place the prior gem stones into earrings. Reset unused diamonds into a bracelet for your wedding day. The possibilities are endless, and they can help convince your partner that your love hasn't changed. 

Even though the alteration of an engagement ring is a delicate subject, you can meet the challenge and end up with a positive result. By following these few steps, you're sure to have a ring and a partner you will adore for the rest of your life. 

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