Make Your Presence Known Through The Use Of Promotional Items

If you have pride in the landscaping projects that you and your staff members have completed for a handful of customers, but are somewhat concerned about the lack of work that you and your team will be responsible for, maybe there are quite a few people who are not aware of your company's existence. Media, advertisements, and word of mouth can all assist with boosting sales. Purchase some promotional business items that will help you relay information about your business and the landscaping projects that you offer.

An 'Off Season' Is The Prime Time To Prepare

If your business is located in a climate that is relatively cold during the winter and most of the projects that you offer pertain to maintenance during warmer months, you can use the slow season to prepare your strategy. What is your business lacking, advertisement wise?

Are you and your drivers supplied with vehicles that have lettering displayed on them or are you all driving nondescript vehicles, which may be mistaken for normal cars and trucks that independent owners would drive? Vinyl lettering that is added to the sides of each vehicle will provide you with a way to advertise your business, no matter where you or your employees are driving. 

Small Tokens May Speak Loud Volumes

If you have ever received a coffee mug, a magnet, or a notepad from a business owner, you were probably thankful for the freebie and the memory of receiving the item may have even prompted you to do business with a particular company. Now, think about how you can used this advertising strategy to market your business. T-shirts, mugs, pens, and bumper stickers are some common items that are used for promotional purposes.

Order items in bulk and select an image or script type that will define your business. After buying some promotional materials, mail them to your current customers or hand them out, during subsequent job appointments that involve you meeting with a home or business owner.

Additionally, think of ways that you can draw people in, either through a business website or by setting up a stand at a job fair or local community event. Keep the promotional items inside of storage bins, that can be set up at the spur of the moment, no matter where you will be heading to meet with people who reside in the community. After consulting with newcomers or introducing yourself to prospective clients, allow them to retrieve one or more of the items that advertise your business.