Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Milestone Blanket

Whether you're looking for the perfect baby shower gift or you want something to mark the growth and development of your upcoming little one, baby milestone blankets are a great solution. Designed for monthly photoshoots, the blankets are crafted in a way that allows you to mark your child's age by week or month through the first year. If you've never purchased a blanket like this before, you may not know what to look for. Here are some of the things to think about as you evaluate the options.


The first thing you should consider is the size of the blanket that you want. If you buy a blanket that's too small, the baby may not fit on it well as they progress into the later months of that first year. If you buy one that is too large, it will be difficult to fit the blanket into the pictures and still get a clear photo of the child. As such, blankets that are roughly three feet by four feet are one ideal size because they allow enough room for the baby to grow without outgrowing the blanket, while still being small enough to fit into the pictures.


Another thing you need to think about is the color of the blanket that you choose. When you know the baby's gender, it may be tempting to choose a blanket that is color-coordinated to the gender, such as a pink blanket for a girl or a blue blanket for a boy. However, when you buy a baby milestone blanket that is colored this way, you might limit what the baby can wear in those photos. And, if the parent wants to dress the baby in a pink dress, for example, it will blend in with the blanket and make the image less clear. Instead, opt for a light, neutral color such as white, cream, or light grey. That way, the baby's clothing options are far more versatile. In addition, a neutral-colored baby milestone blanket can be used for other children later on, too.


Baby milestone blankets come pre-printed with the numbers for the months, and some even include a weeks and months marker so that you can take photos through the first twelve weeks before transitioning to monthly pictures. Additionally, you can have these blankets personalized with the baby's name if it has already been determined. As such, that means that it's important to choose the font for the blanket carefully. When you're looking at the options for your baby milestone blanket, choose one that offers a font that's clear and easy to read. It's tempting to choose a flowy, decorative font, but if it's hard to read, you may not be able to see all the text.

Contact a company that provides milestone baby blankets for more information.