Three Reasons To Use Canvas For Your Promotional Bags

When you're going to place an order for promotional bags with a company that customizes and prints such items, one of things that you'll need to do is decide what type of bag you want to order. Promotional product companies often have a wide assortment of options, so you can browse each of the bags and evaluate which style will best represent your brand and be useful for your customers. Canvas bags are one choice to consider. They're typically available in a number of sizes and you can have custom information printed on each side. Here are three reasons to use canvas for your promotional bags.

It's Durable

The last thing that you want is for one of your bags to sustain a tear while your customer is using it. In such a scenario, you could expect that the customer would discard the bag. A big benefit of choosing canvas is that this material is highly durable. It takes a lot for canvas to tear, which means that even if your customers are loading their bags with heavy items, the bags will remain structurally sound. The less resistant that a bag is to damage, the longer it should remain in use — which ensures that your branding message stays visible.

It's Stiff

The stiffness of canvas is something that can make this type of bag handy for a few reasons. If you opt for canvas that is especially thick and stiff, this will often allow the bag to sit open while someone loads it, instead of the bag collapsing. It can be difficult and frustrating to load a bag that is floppy, as you'll need to hold the bag open with one hand while you load it with the other. With stiff canvas, this isn't an issue. Additionally, the stiffness of the material will allow your message on each side to be visible when someone is carrying the bag. With a softer material, the bag can wrinkle and obstruct your message.

It's Machine Washable

If someone will be using your promotional bag for a long time, the bag will eventually require cleaning. Another big benefit of canvas is that this material is washable. Your customers can easily throw their canvas bags into the washing machine and end up with bags that are as clean as they were when new. Some other materials aren't machine washable, which means that people would need to wash them by hand — something that not everyone would be committed to doing.

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