Three Reasons To Use A Butt Plug

Many women enjoy using various types of vibrators for sexual stimulation, both during sessions on their own and with a partner. If you're interested in expanding your repertoire of sex toys, you can easily do so with a visit to a local adult toy store. Butt plugs are a popular type of sex toy that you'll find in all sorts of sizes and designs. There are several different reasons that women can enjoy using butt plugs, including the following.

Sexual Stimulation

A butt plug can be a useful toy for providing sexual stimulation, albeit in a different way than you might use a dildo for your vagina. You have lots of nerve endings in your anus, and some people enjoy the feeling of stimulation in this area. When you insert a butt plug into this part of your body, it can bring you a degree of stimulation and excitement. You have the option of enjoying this stimulation in numerous ways. For example, some women enjoy wearing a butt plug during vaginal sex with a partner.

Surprising Your Partner

Because you can easily wear a butt plug under your clothing without it being visible until you're undressed, you might like the idea of using this sex toy as a way to surprise your partner. For example, you could insert this device sometime before you and your partner begin foreplay while you're both clothed. Upon eventually finding yourselves naked, your partner will discover your butt plug and be surprised — especially when they realize that you've been wearing it since the start of your encounter. For someone who wants to spice up their sexual relationship with a surprise, this type of sex toy can help.

Preparing For Anal Sex

If you and your partner enjoy the idea of experimenting with anal sex, you may find that wearing a butt plug in advance of these sessions can be a good idea. You can use this device to gently stretch your anus prior to anal sex. For example, if you insert this toy well in advance of when you anticipate having anal sex, you'll likely find that this part of your body will feel more ready. This is especially true if you choose a butt plug that is of a consistent size with your partner's penis.

Learn more about butt plugs and other women's sex toys and shop for the right one for you at a local adult retailer.