Different Types Of Bags For Your Vacuum

Before you start to vacuum, you need to know what type of bag to purchase. Your vacuum should have a letter on it. This letter tells you what types of bag that you need to buy for your vacuum. Here is a little more information about the type of bag that your vacuum needs and what the letters mean on the vacuum bags.

Letters C, D, and E

Vacuum bags with the letters C, D, and E are made for specific types of vacuums. They are made for vacuums that are upright. Upright vacuums first use a brush on the bottom of the vacuum to dislodge dirt from your carpet. Then, a suction fan pulls the dirt and air into your vacuum, where the dust is trapped into the bag and the clean air is pushed out of your vacuum via a filter.

The difference in letters for filters for upright vacuums has to do with the different size of upright vacuums.

Letters F, J, and K

The letters F, J, and K on a vacuum filter bag are made for vacuums for canister vacuum cleaners. With a canister vacuum cleaner, the hose and the brush is separate from the canister that drags along behind it.

Dirt is sucked up into the head and then through a really long hose. Then, the air from the hose goes into the bag inside of the vacuum. As the air is pushed through the bag, it leaves behind the dirt. With canister vacuum, the bag basically filters the dust out of the air.

Once again, the different letters correspond to different sized vacuums that have either more or less storage capacity.

Letter G

Letter G vacuum filters or bags are made for hand-held vacuums. These are the little vacuums that you can use to quickly clean up messes.

Everything that the vacuum sucks up goes straight into the bag, and the air from the vacuum is pushed through the bag and then back out through a vent. The bag itself filters the air.

The bags for hand held vacuums is really small, so if you use your handheld vacuum a lot, you are going to have to frequently change out the bag. Many handheld vacuum cleaners actually bypass the bag altogether, and just have a compartment that you have to empty the dirt out of.

Letter U

Letter U bags are a little more versatile. They are made for both hand held as well as canister models. They tend to work on larger hand-held vacuums and smaller canister vacuums.

The type and size of your vacuum should help you determine what type of filter bag you need to purchase for it. Contact a company, like Randals Industrial Supplies, for more help.