Are You Ready To Add Some Fun Designs To Your Sewing Projects? 3 Tips For Working With Batik Fabric

Shopping for fabric is always exciting. Once you've picked out a sewing project and read through the recommendations for material and notions, you are ready to begin having some fun. Traditional batik fabric is made by using wax to create unique designs on the material. The wax resists the color when the fabric is dyed, which creates a beautiful effect. 

Batiks are often used in quilting, but you can also use these fabrics for other projects where you want to add a pop of colorful designs. Tote bags, skirts, and blouses are just a few fun ways to use this fabric. Your batik project might be a little different from other projects that you have done in the past due to the special characteristics of the fabric. 

Know How Much Yardage to Buy

The technique used to create this type of fabric means that no two bolts are ever the same. This means that you cannot always just pick up more fabric and expect that it will match. Start by looking at the recommended yardage for the project. Then, consider the detail of the print. If you expect to need to match up the print along seam lines, then you may want to buy extra fabric. This allows you to cut out your pattern pieces with matching in mind without worrying about using too much fabric. Keep in mind that you can also choose to leave seams unlatching, depending upon the finished look that you hope to achieve.

Understand How to Sew With Batiks

Batik fabric typically has a finer weave compared to other types of material. For this reason, many people find that using a finer needle and thread results in smoother stitches. This type of fabric also requires very little prep work. Since the fabric is typically run through hot water to remove the wax, there is very little worry about shrinkage. Despite the bright colors, the fabric is also usually colorfast due to the hot water rinse. When you get your fabric, you might notice that there is not really a right or wrong side. If so, you can choose the side that appears to have a brighter or bolder print.

Make the Most of the Prints

Batik prints can range from subtle monochromatic patterns to bolder patterns that truly stand out. Consider using the subtle prints as backgrounds for your quilts and other projects. The bolder patterns are great for making patterns that stand out. You can also combine batik prints with other types of fabric to add interest to a quilt or piece of clothing.